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Straight wigs: human hair lace wigs for black women for sale

Straight wig: natural hair will boost your beauty

You can use the Straight Hair Wig to create that stunningly gorgeous look. It is one of the most amazing pieces of hair you will ever have. It has a shiny finish and is silky. The hair is quite durable and may be styled as you wish. The hairs are well shaped and lined, and the weave is really healthy. Experience the extraordinary perfection of fabulously thick, style able silky hair.

Taking care of your straight wig to maintain its beauty

It’s crucial to take good care of your straight hair wig. Just like your own natural hair, you must take care of it. Proper and consistent care is crucial to maintaining its attractiveness.


Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to carefully eliminate tangles if any. To prevent harm, start at the ends and move carefully inward toward the roots. Avoid brushing in the start of washing process. 

Never soak or immerse the product. Holding the hair under cool running water will rinse it. Let the water flow from the roots to the end.  Put a tiny amount of shampoo designed for color scheme hair in your hand, and then distribute it properly and gently through your hair by stroking it downward from the roots to the ends. Wash by keeping the object submerged in cool running water until the water is clear. Squeeze gently to squeeze excess water out. Avoid twisting or wringing.


Put a tiny amount of color-treated hair conditioner in your hand, and using a sliding, evenly and gently work it through the straight hair wig, protecting the root and base. Shedding could result from conditioner application to the base. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or leave the conditioner on for 1-3 min. Wash by keeping the object submerged in cool running water until the water is discharged. To remove extra water, gently squeeze it out or press it with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid twisting or wringing. To ensure that a wet wig dries completely, place it on a wig stand. Grooming with hands as suggested.

Put oil

We should use natural oils on our hair. The same is true for real hair wigs; natural oils like coconut, olive, and almond oil can hydrate and enhance their condition. These oils are also known to improve the quality and gloss of the hair by removing fuzz and knots.

The required appearance

To straighten, start at the roots of a small part of your straight hair wig and work your way to the ends using a flat iron. Apply hair spray to the finished style, if desired.

Suggestions for straight lace wigs

  1. Straight hair wig should be cleaned, rinsed, and styled before use. Human hair cannot be worn right out of the set box.
  2. Hot water will harm the cap and possibly dry out the hair if you rinse with it.
  3. To prevent straining the hat, do not allow it to dry on a rigid form or mannequin head.
  4. While wearing the wig, we do not advise taking a shower, going swimming, or sleeping.
  5. In order to prevent unsightly kinks or crimps, store the wig on a wig stand.
  6. To avoid damage, keep away from brushing damp hair.